Diabetes India 2024

14th World Congress Of DiabetesIndia
25th - 28th, January, 2024
Mayfair Convention, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Scientific Highlights

Epidemiology & Diabetes Mellitus

  • Changing Epidemiological landscape of Type 1 DM
  • Type 1 DM in Indian subcontinent – Current status and future projections
  • Emerging novel clusters in Type 2 DM – Diagnostic and therapeutic ramifications
  • Overview of global burden of diabetes
  • Changing epidemiological profile of youth onset Diabetes mellitus

Bone & DM

  • Rheumatological manifestations of T2DM
  • Bone fragility and DM- Insights into the neglected complications
  • Evaluation of metabolic bone health in DM
  • Charcots Neuroarthropathy – Recognition and management
  • Osteokines and myokines in Diabetes

Islet cell & Diabetes

  • Emerging concepts in beta cell preservation
  • Assessing beta cell function in routine clinical practice – What a physician should know
  • Novel therapeutics for Type 2 DM – What the future beholds
  • Alpha cells & Glucagon – The next hotspot for Diabetes therapeutics
  • Interplay of Alpha & Beta cell in health and disease – Understanding the nexus
  • Glucagon – Foe turned Friend

Liver & DM

  • NAFLD and DM – The Twindemic
  • NAFLD and DM – Chicken or Egg
  • Evaluation of NAFLD in T2DM- What a physician should know
  • Pharmacological approach to NAFLD
  • NAFLD and T1DM – Evolving concepts
  • NAFLD and T2DM – which pharmacotherapy to choose
  • Emerging therapeutic stratagies for managing NAFLD in T2DM 
  • Hepatokines in DM

Gastrointestinal system & DM

  • Evaluation of diabetic gastropathy – Ready reckoner
  • Gut microbiota in DM – More than meets the eye
  • Pharmacological management of Diabetic Gastropathy – An alogrithmic approach
  • Guthormones and DM – Understanding the complex interplay

Diabetes & Gonads

  • Approach to erectile dysfunction in young T2DM
  • Managing Erectile dysfunction in T2DM – A stepwise approach
  • Hypogonadism in Diabetes mellitus – CAUSE OR EFFECT
  • Female sexual dysfunction in DM – An overview
  • Infertility and DM – A need for worry

Pregnancy & Diabetes

  • Early GDM – Understanding the disease
  • Defining GDM in 2023 – Contrversies and consensus
  • Metformin in GDM – Clearing the air
  • Pharmacological approach to managing GDM
  • GDM and exploring the transgenerational effect of GDM
  • Managing GDM in resource poor settings – Strategies for optimal outcome
  • Glycemic monitoring of a pregnant patient with DM – Present and future

Youth & DM

  • Young T2DM
  • Managing T1DM in adolescence
  • Exercise prescription for an adolescent T1DM
  • Eating disorders and DM – Looking behind the screen
  • Approach to new onset in a young adult – LOOK AHEAD

Geriatrics & DM

  • Approach to new onset in a geriatric adult
  • Simplifying therapy in Elderly T2DM
  • Choosing anti diabetic therapy for elderly T2DM – Tips and tricks

Diabetic Emergencies

  • Hypoglycemic unawareness
  • Managing a case of long standing DM with recurrent hypoglycemia
  • Mangement of Diabetic Ketoacidosis
  • Mangaemnet of HHS


  • Managing DKD in T2DM – circa 2023
  • Screening for non DKD in T2DM subjects with renal disease
  • Finerenone & dkd – Current concepts
  • Novel treatment stragies for DKD
  • Non proteinuric DKD VS Proteinuric DKD – Similarities & Differences
  • Improving cardiorenal outcomes in T2DM
  • SGLT2I and GLPIRA in cardio renal disease update
  • Nephroprotection in DKD beyond ACEi and ARB’s


  • Non nutritive sweetner – Not so sweet story
  • Timing and type of exercise and glycemic control – Lessons learnt
  • Prescribing exercises to apatient with long standing DM with autonomic neuropathy – key issues and remedies
  • Cognitive decline in T2DM
  • Diabetic Distress – A less addressed entity
  • Lean T2DM – Current concepts
  • Diabetic cystopathy
  • Diabetic Striatopathy – insights on diabetes related movement disorders
  • Stem cell therapy in prevention of Diabetes
  • Neonatal DM – Approach and management
  • The hidden hand of diabetes in the development of neurodegenerative disease
  • Diabetes and cognitive impairment – role of incretion therapy
  • Diabetic myopathy and muscle metabolism.
  • Role of Cpeptide in clinical practice
  • Role of genetic testing in diabetes
  • PreDiabetes – Newer insights in prevention and management
  • Protein restriction in Indian DKD patients

Technology in DM

  • Glycemic monitoring : From CBG to CGM – The story so far
  • Newer modalities of non invasive BG monitoring
  • Bionic Pancreas – Closed loop system – Is this the holy grail
  • Pragmatic use of CGM in clinical practice
  • Insulin Pump therapy and DM – Best clinical practices
  • CGM metrics made simple – Translating guidelines into practice


  • Novel targets and treatments in Heart & Diabetes
  • ESC-2023 guidelines on the management CVD in patient with diabetes


  • Advances on the assessment and treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy.
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